Quantum is the leading brand of TIMEART Company. This company was established back in 1995 and president of the company has been operating in the watch business for past 28 years. Right after Quantum’s launch in 1995, its first collection was introduced which was a Japan made professional diver watch called Barracuda. The company’s high quality production policy, delicate technical details and innovative designs made Quantum an acknowledged and preferred brand in the society.

Quantum stepped into international market quite fast and even today it is continuing to grow all around the globe. When Quantum was been sponsored by Yasemin Dalkılıç, a young Turkish female free diver with many World Records in various free diving categories for the following five years that made Quantum broadcast live on national and international networks more than any other free diver ever. Thus, Quantum started to gain more popularity amongst people. With the passage of time Quantum continued to sign many special projects with Turkish Air Forces and Turkish Naval Forces, which gave it more popularity.

Quantum watches are such designed to appeal people who enjoy their lives, from divers, pilots and even to adventurers everywhere. Quantum has managed to produce its watches by high-quality materials, advanced production techniques and innovative designs with competitive prices. Quantum watches are now seen as symbol of style and luxury amongst all the watches of different brands.

There are certain features, which make Quantum more superior to other watches. Quantum watches are made by stainless steel to obtain a perfect quality. This stainless steel contains special elements that prevent further surface corrosion. Moreover, Quantum uses 316L steel for its watch cases, which give better quality mat shiny finishing. Quantum watches are specially customized for different desires of ladies and men. Quantum watches are also available in over sized round and rectangular unisex cases, made of precious materials. Quantum uses the best quality watchstraps, which are crafted from genuine crocodile leather, calfskin and patent leather. For sportswear editions high technology silicon material are used to provide elegant touch to the watches.

Quantum provides watches with different level of fine quality and endurance in design. It provides its customers watches made with steel, titanium, anti reflective and sapphire glass, butterfly buckles, Swarovski elements, Swiss luminova, special case back designs and integrated leather straps. All the above-mentioned materials are entirely chosen by Quantum to be fluent in design. Since, Quantum watches are designed for divers therefore it loves the deepest seas. Quantum watches have the capability to resist water at specialty of 10 ATM. Its water tightness feature is up to 1000 m depths, which provides divers opportunity to carry it in different water types as well as high attitudes in special design Barracuda watches.

Quantum has categorized its watches into eight different categories. These categories are according to the features and style of watches, which include Adrenaline, Explorer, Hunter, Powertech, Impulse, Barracuda, Q-master and Symphony. I therefore for would recommend the watch lovers to go for Quantum watches and try something new which gives you inner satisfaction after wearing it.