Bluetooth is a wireless standard used for data exchange over shorter distances from mobile and fixed devices and making personal networks. It was invented by Ericsson back in 1994 and was basically taken as a wireless alternative to RS-232 data cables.

Even though Bluetooth has been introduced years ago but still it hasn’t gone obsolete because of the number of advantages it has to offer. Go through the following list of benefits Bluetooth has to offer:

  • Wireless

This amazing feature although looks quite ordinary however if looked closely offers numerous benefits. It allows you to remain wires free where once carrying wires everywhere around for connecting devices was a necessity.

  • Affordable

Bluetooth is quite cost effective for manufacturers to implement thus contributing less expense towards a device’s development. This affordability is than passed on to you in the form of savings.

  • Completely automated

You don’t need to start a connection every time you connect to a device. Once you pair up a device, all you need is to transfer your required data within a 30 feet range and the transfer starts in a matter of seconds.

  • Extremely Compatible

This technology is standardized wireless which means that there is huge compatibility among the different devices. Bluetooth allows you to connect different devices from different manufacturers.

  • Lower Interference

Devices having Bluetooth hardly get any interference from other wireless devices. Bluetooth make use of frequency hopping technique and also low grade wireless signals.

  • Lower power consumption
  • Since Bluetooth uses lower power signals, hence lesser energy is required and less battery or electric power consumption is done. This is quite a remarkable benefit for mobile phones and other handheld devices as Bluetooth wouldn’t drain the battery.
  • Sharing information and voice

Bluetooth allows compatible devices to share voice and other data. This is quite good for head-sets and cell phones as Bluetooth makes it quite easy to talk and drive without the need to park your car.

  • Personal Network

Bluetooth allows you to connect 7 devices with each other in a 30 feet range making a personal network. For one room, you can set up different networks.

  • Upgradeable

Bluetooth is an upgradeable standard. There are some new Bluetooth versions in the work that offer different new advantages along with offering backward compatibility with old versions.

  • Technology that is here to stay

Bluetooth is a standard used all over the world. Due to its simplicity yet the great advantages you can depend on it for a number of years to come. Nearly all new devices use Bluetooth technology and manufacturers are working hard to ensure their device’s compatibility with other manufacturer’s products.