When you know that it’s the era of technology, then you can experience the robust expansion in it. I believe that it is common to come up with your own idea about technology and mistaking it with some unreal factors. By unreal, I mean the misconceptions that we are making about it, in fact the exaggerated ones. Though the real story is quite different. So here are most common myths that you need to understand and should start taking things not as easy as it looks!

1. Desktop Refresh

Haven’t you heard that pressing F5 key can refresh your desktop? Believe me I was doing the same, but it is no more reality.  Refreshing your desktop can only help if you are adding new file or if any of your page is stuck. Otherwise it’s of no use. You need to stop that habit now, as it is complete waste of time.

2. More Mega Pixels Means Better Picture

This is one of the common myths. Most of the people go for mobiles that have more amount of megapixel like they prefer 18Mp camera to 16MP. But you know it’s not just the pixels that matter. The type of lens and sharpness of image also matters. Obviously the quality that DSLR with 16MP have and 16MP camera have will be different.

3. Password Protected Wi-Fi is Safe

Believe me this is not going to be the case. Even if you have a security key for your Wi-Fi it doesn’t mean your network is protected from hackers.  Today hackers are smart enough to hack stuff, but still if you have a key for your Wi-Fi it is good. It’s better to stay safe rather than keeping your network vulnerable to security threats.

4. Deleting From Recycle Bin Means It’s Is Erased Forever

You might be deciding to give your system or laptop to someone else and deleting all your files. But you know even you have deleted them from Recycle Bin they are not deleted. The icon is not in your system, but it is still in your hard drive that can be recovered anytime. You simply need to destroy your hard disk to delete your data completely.

5. Apple Macs Don’t Get Viruses

It is true that Macs never get viruses, but still there are some that exists. Some of the mac viruses can infect words and excel file and called as Macro Viruses. Though the operating system that Macs have is based on Unix subsystem, but vulnerabilities to Mac platforms do exists.

I hope that I have answered most of your unanswered questions. As I told you earlier, the revolution is technology will regularly come across with some myths. All you need is to stay informed about it.  Do you know other similar myths? Let me know!