It is not long back when all of us had to plan our vacations from months in advance only to find that the hotel we were looking at was already overbooked. With time technology has seeped into our lives in multiple ways possible. Now travel happens at just a click away. You have to think of a destination and with so many digital modes available easily get your vacation plans finalized. Let us know 5 ways in which technology has modified the way we travel.

1) Decide where to go– While earlier it was hard brochures which you had to analyze before picking up one destination the situation is much better nowadays. Whether it is an online travel blog or travel booking sites there are many sources which can help you in taking the decision.

2) Mode of reaching– Finding the suitable flight with reasonable rates was a daunting earlier. Now it is easy. Go to an online booking website and pick up one which suits your time and price range. Not only that if you are looking for a limo service for travel to the destination that also you can book online.

3) Local Language– Earlier communication in a location which was out of your country was something that we dreaded. With online translate tools available these days you can ask as many questions as you want and that too in the language of the place. Not to mention the benefit of having maps in your smartphone which ensures that you do not get confused with the directions of the place.

4) Photographs– Previously you had the manual camera which would be a pain to carry around and that too the perfect clicks would never be achieved. However, with selfie sticks and smartphones, it is just too convenient to click as many as pictures as you want. Not only that once the perfect click is achieved you can quickly upload it on your social media or even a travel social network for others to see.

5) Keep in touch– Once you are gone from the location it does not mean you should forget the place forever. Just keep your memories online and keep in touch with the hotel through social media. In case you have a favorable opinion of them that also you can put online for others to see.

The last few years have seen the above changes happening in the travel world all thanks to technology. Let us hope that the next few years will reduce the physical divide more and we will see more transition in the travel methodologies.