Apple has made its name in the technological industry by providing quality products t its customers. Apple Smartphones generally known as iPhone have captured huge market share and the amazing series of Iphones also known as iOS is launching every year. Apple is now in process of launching iOS 8 that contains remarkable enterprise features that brings with it new frameworks and kits for developers to take innovation to a new level. Following are some of the amazing enterprise features of iOS 8

  1. Air Drop

iOS 8 air drop

One of the incredible and amazing software is Airdrop that makes it possible to transfer Wi-Fi; Bluetooth based files easily between two devices. When sometimes SMS doesn’t work or sending email is not possible AirDrop is the best way to help you get the file transferred.

  1. Messages become easier


Since Messaging is the most convenient way, with Iphone8 it provides amazing messaging experience to its users that helps you to not only send messages but also you can create groups, add/remove a group contact,  send pictures, videos, voice messages from the messaging app without even switching the app or using other apps specifically designed for these items.  Also sending GPS location data to your friends become easier with this app.

  1. iCloud Drive


With the iCloud facility you can save your contacts and emails for simple accessing. Furthermore, it also supports storage for documents and you can easily create, save, retrieve and edit the document from any operating systems, windows 7, or iOS 8 devices.

  1. Keyboard Customization


The touch keyboard pattern has been the same in all the iOS that has been launched. With iOS 8, Apple has completely modified the keyboard, making it predictive while you type the word and providing the feature of autocorrect too. With words used in previous conversation you can get quick type and substitutes for the words with your particular type of style you frequently have used in your conversations.

  1. AirPlay peer-to peer


In order to get latest media apps and songs and tones, AirPlay is Apple’s one of the apps to help its customers get the latest audios and videos. The Iphone8 doesn’t require this app to connect itself with Wi-Fi rather it uses peer-to-peer technology for making a connection between the devices near to each other. This function is really great when you are with friends or family outside or you are attending business meetings with prospective clients or you want to stream latest episode of your favorite TV show.

  1. Documents Sharing and Apps Extensions

document sharing & app extension in iOS 8

The iOS 8 provides app extensions and documents sharing to all developers that data can be shared by users with each other easily and conveniently and they can have a wide variety of apps to choose or opening and editing the files.