In the world of global village, communication has become an essential tool to stay connected with everybody across borders. Emails have become a very important asset in the world of communication. Getting free email services is what professionals, students and business people want in this busy world.

Here are some of the top free email services that you should consider:

  1. Gmail

Gmail is the product of Google that has provided ease to its users to have access to email and
chat via Gmail. Gmail is free of cost and you only need to have an account to have access to it.  It also provides free online storage where you can save all your important data, files, pictures and other stuff. Gmail is very simple and easy to use and its smart interface provides you ease to see content precisely and without any extra efforts.

  1. Zoho Mail

Zoho Mail is one of the solid email services that provide plenty of ample storage. It also provides its users with POP and IMAP storage for larger files and documents.  Zoho mail also incorporates instant messaging and online office suites too for professionals and business executives so that they can have meetings online. It is one of the helpful email services that can be used for organizing mail, identification of messages and contact etc.

  1. Yandex Mail

The Yandex email services provides rich, full and helpful experiences to its users with strong web access, various mobile apps, POPS and IMAP access with unlimited storage option. It covers wide variety of functions that include messaging, templates, themes, reminders, E-cards and so forth.

  1. AIM Mail

AIM mail is AOL’s Email services. AOL has a reputable name when it comes to providing free, quick and reliable email services. It provides unlimited online storage options, excellent spam protection, easy and quick interface to use. Unfortunately, AOL lacks a bit in creativity as it lacks in providing some custom features.

  1. iCloud Mail

iCloud Mail is the email services provided to Users of Apple products.  It’s a free email service with excellent and high quality features. Firstly it provides ample storage, IMAP and POP access and well designed and functional web applications.

  1. Yahoo Mail :

Yahoo mail services are known from a very long period as one of the most fastest and reliable email services. It is easily accessible on windows, mobile devices and tablets and provides a vast variety of features consisting of unlimited storages, SMS texting, Social Networking and instant messaging. It also helps you to fight with spam emails and makes it safer to use and to provide its users with an amazing experience.