Perhaps the biggest hassle one has to face while using a shared computer is the tedious task of logging in and out time after time. More tiresome than that is trying to open two Gmail and Facebook accounts at the same time to transfer data. But, fret no more! MakeMyBrowser is here to save the day with the 7 things I wish I knew about this amazing service before.

  1. MakeMyBrowser lets you download several browsers simultaneously so you don’t have to log out every time someone else is using your computer. This surely saves a lot of precious time that you’d rather spend on productive work.
  2. Each browser can be customized to match the style and mood of each user. This means adding your own photographs, extensions and bookmarks. It’s like that pair of old jeans that you feel absolutely cozy in.
  3. MakeMyBrowser enables browsers to be shared with friends and families. Imagine having your girlfriend use the same browser as you, with your photograph pinned to her desktop. How cute!
  4. A lost or crashed browser can be restored by simply logging in with any Google account. Bookmarks, passwords and other information can be saved online with ease.
  5. MakeMyBrowser, being as slim as Google Chrome, does not slow down your computer, even if you have several browsers working concurrently.
  6. It allows you to navigate effortlessly between two Gmail or Facebook accounts, to transfer information or Candy Crush lives, if the need be.
  7. You can edit the browser you created with MakeMyBrowser to add extensions, themes and bookmarks. You can also change the homepage and search provider. However, it does not change your image or the original browser you downloaded.