It is a shock in this day and age that there are people who question the need to have an extra layer of security on their sites. Some even believe that getting a site secure is tempting fate. Far from it – the added security simply means that your site will survive an attack as less secure sites are taken down by hackers.

Broadly speaking, every site on the web requires good security, not just the popular sites that get bombarded with countless hacking attempts.

These days, many attacks are random and automated; and your site is not above being a prime target of a high level attack that could leave it on its knees. In other words, if you have a site, you need good site security – no exceptions.

What Website Security Gets You
1. Peace of Mind
The first benefit of good network security is peace of mind. As mentioned earlier, any site can get attacked, even an obscure site that might not appear like it would have anything to offer a hacker.

2. Malware Protection
With the right network security for your site, malware attacks can be stopped before they penetrate your site and cause problems. This security scans data as it comes in and gets rid of all the dangerous coding to keep your site safe.

3. Real Time Scanning and Virus Removal
Good site security ensures that your customers are not exposed to potential infections, and neither are you prone to similar dangers through the server hosting your site. This two-pronged approach to security ensures that your site is safe all the time, and from all sides.

4. Better Protection Coverage
Many people know about malware attacks, which might be easy to address with basic site security. However, for advanced and oftentimes more dangerous attacks such as DDoS, cross-site scripting, brute force attacks, injection attacks and so forth; a more robust form of security will be needed.

What are GoDaddy’s Website Security Plans, Prices and Features?
GoDaddy gives you a selection of three security plans – Express, Deluxe, and Essential. The company understands that you might be on the prowl for a website security package because you are currently under attack; that is where the Express plan comes in – it gives you a chance to have your malware removed in just 30 minutes. You also get ongoing protection after paying for this plan, which goes for $249.99 a year.

The Deluxe protection plan goes for $15.99 a month; and it comes with a 12-hour response time to security issues. The only difference between this plan and the Express plan is the longer response time and a much lower price; otherwise, the security features are similar.

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The Essential plan goes for just $4.99 a month; and like the Deluxe plan, there is a 12-hour response time to security issues. However, this plan lacks some features present in the Deluxe and the Express plan. These are SSL certificate protection, DDoS mitigation, Web Application Firewall (WAF), and Performance accelerator.

Finally, features common to all GoDaddy protection plans (Express, Deluxe, and Essential) include advanced security monitoring, Google blacklist monitoring & removal, brand reputation monitoring, professional 24/7 customer support, unlimited malware removal and hack repair, Trusted site seal, and access to security analysts to assist with advanced security issues.