Did you ever feel the need to use your office computer in home or your home computer in your office to have access to some important files? You may forget the documents about your office presentation in your home and want to access these documents. At that time, you will wish to have any way to access your computer remotely from other place. The access of computers remotely is common practice now-a-days. There are plenty of software and tools available to fulfill this task. In this article, I will discuss different ways to access your computer remotely.

  • Remote Desktop On Windows

The computer where you want to have remote access should have to configure the windows remote desktop. You can use this method to have remotely access to your files or important documents stored on the other computer. This feature of Windows is available to its all major editions i.e. XP, Vista, Windows Seven and Windows 8. The condition for connection through this method is that they should be connected on the same network.

In order to use this feature of windows, just go to Control Panel and then select System buried under the System & Security option. In System & Security settings you will see remote settings. Now mark the option allow remote connection to this pc. There will be plenty of options available with which you can manipulate according to your requirements.

Next, you will have to add the user with which you want to have remote connection. For this purpose, simply click on the button of Select Users. Here is something noteworthy to be pointed that you have to make sure that sleep mode option is disabled so that you can make connection to the computer in sleep mode.

After this long process, login to your second computer from which you want to connect to the first one. Open the Remote Desktop Connection from the start menu and then write the name of your PC in System Name field.

  • Team Viewer

Another extensively used software for remote connections is named as Team Viewer. With the help of this utility program, you can have connection to any other computer across the world remotely. In Team Viewer, you are not bound to be in same VPN or same network to have remote connection.

To avail this service, firstly you have to download this utility from the web and install it on your system. After the installation completed, open the software and now you can connect to any other computer in the world having team viewer installed on the pc and both of you can have remote connection. You can create account in team viewer and can add your contacts with your desired names so that you can have information about the current status of system whether it can be connected right now or not.

There is one limitation of using this software that team viewer should have to be running on both systems in order to have remote connection successful.