UV Printing Technology

It is a form of digital printing that is gaining immense popularity in today’s times. In this type of printing, ultra-violet rays are used to dry ink as it is printed. When the printer prints a paper, it distributes ink on substrate’s surface. As the ink is distributed, UV rays follow close behind for the purpose of drying the ink rapidly.

Before being used in printing technology, these specially designed rays were originally developed for instantly drying gel nail polishes for manicure purposes. However, soon their use expanded and now they are widely used in different industries.

Top Reason Why UV Printing Technology is Used?

Here, we have shed light some of the reasons why this technology is used in different industries:

  • With UV printing technology, the issue of ink spreading on the paper is completely eliminated. This is due to the fact that this technology can dry any type of printed ink instantly. Therefore, the dots of wet ink cannot spread out. As a result, fine-quality prints are obtained by using this particular technology.
  • UV prints are weather-resistant. Moreover, they do not fade away easily.
  • This drying/curing process, used in this technology, is eco-friendly as compared to other printing technologies. This is because it produces fewer heat and VOC’s.
  • With this technology, there are fewer limitations as the flatbed printer can be used with different materials including aluminum, acrylic etc.
  • This printing technology prints in a quick-paced as compared to conventional printing technologies.
  • It can prove to be quite cost effective as it doesn’t require an extra coating. Furthermore, there are no chances of paper wastage as the ink doesn’t spread on the paper.
  • The use of this technology gives a rather vibrant and neat finish. Therefore, it is more suitable to print business cards and other such important papers.

Final Thoughts

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