is due to reveal a new-fangled Echo speaker with a screen that will include video calling capabilities, according to people proverbial with the substance, keeping the online seller one step in advance of tech rivals in looking for to organize smart homes.

The new device, which is predictable to be proclaimed as early as Tuesday, will also permit users to make internet-based telephone calls, according to these people, setting the speaker up to be core to a home’s interactions.

Here is the first look at what Amazon’s imminent Echo with a built-in touch screen looks like. I was gifted to establish this unluckily low declaration image on Amazon’s servers in a analogous manner to how I found what we now know to be the Echo Look. This novel member of the Echo lineup is codenamed “Knight” and is predictable to be released later this month.

The innovative mechanism is probable to be priced at more than $200. The current Echo speaker, which doesn’t have a screen, typically sells for $180, even though it is presently on sale for $150. Late previous month, Amazon introduced a split Echo device operational with a camera but no screen, the Look, which is priced at $200. The Echo Look is so faraway only obtainable to consumers via enticement.

Comparable to my precedent trickle, I don’t have much information other than the image itself. We identify from past sources that this will be the flagship Alexa tool in Amazon’s schedule. It’s predictable to have enhanced sounding speakers than the recent Amazon Echo. The screen is rumored to be a touch screen that’s 7 inches in size.

The Alexa-enabled Amazon Echo elegant speaker retails for $179.99 (though it occurs to be having a rare discount right now on Amazon, cutting the price to just $149.99). For a different $50, Amazon clients will apparently soon be capable to opt as an alternative for a next-generation Echo Show, which marries the functionality of the Amazon Echo chic speaker with a 7-inch touch screen.

Bloomberg prior reported that Amazon was functioning on a innovative device that was likely to have a 7-inch touch screen, while CNET reported an proclamation of a fresh Echo was likely to take place this month.

Amazon’s Echo is off to an untimely escort, analysts say, thanks in part to its liberate in 2014. (Google Home was commenced late final year.) The Echo governs the market for voice-enabled speakers with a 70.6% share, digital marketing examine firm eMarketer said Monday. Google Home has the second-highest market carve up at 23.8%.

The new Echo screen tool will likely hold some of the same functionality as the Echo Look, which will facilitate patrons to take videos and photos of their fashion and disparity them via algorithms, according to one of the people. It is uncertain why Amazon is initiation the two devices so close jointly or how the market part they target may fluctuate.