There are plenty of custom launchers in the Google Play Store like Go Launcher and Launcher Pro etc. These all launchers give similar functionality which includes the extra home screen, icon packs, themes with wallpapers with huge selection and organized app drawer. These launchers are helpful to transform your smartphone interface to your desired one with ease. These all launchers will not transform your device fully as they will remain look like android phone. There is a new launcher added in the Google Play Store, which will completely transform your device interface. The name of that launcher is Themer.

  • One Click Themes

Themer is available in the Play Store for free. Getting started with this launcher is a pushover. You just have to pick the theme from the category of your choice and just hit Apply. The selected theme will be downloaded in seconds and will instantly transform your smartphone android home screen to something different from typical android interface. The best feature of this launcher is that it will wipe everything from your traditional home screen and they put their own created interface with layout as selected by you from themes library. The other launchers are just usable for changing the skin of your icons and changing of your system font.

The downside to this launcher is there are most of themes available which are not providing the user flexibility of customization. You cannot be able to add any icon, widget or toggles without setting up the entire balance of the theme. The choice is all yours according to your priorities, as you want a theme with beautiful look, convenient and functional or you want to have a gorgeous home screen with lack of functionalities. If you can sacrifice on functionality, then Themer is perfect for you.

  • Features And Settings

Themer offers tons of customization and flexibility options available to you if you are a designer. But if you are not a designer, then no need to worry as most of the themes designed for the Themer are giving basic functionalities like shortcuts to app category, weather, clock, music widgets and most common used features like the camera, email and messages. The Themer functionalities can be tweaked by holding and tapping anywhere in the home screen of your android device. You will have themer menu, in which you have the functionality to browse your favorite themes, can adjust the settings for particular theme and can play around with widgets. Themer has functionality of built-in shortcuts for the apps and widgets, but if you are willing to add your custom ones, then you can do that by going to the Themer menu. In there, you will see App Preferences buried under the menu of Themer Settings. In there you can adjust that on taping on which widget you want to open the required app.