Are you fed up charging your Smartphone for several times a day or you are worried about your iPad charging likewise? Or maybe you are a traveler who travels a lot and during your journey, you need a solution for your devices to stay connected with your office, family or friend. I know how it feels when you are away from your charger and you see your device going down. What would you do to save your power (of your device)? What solution comes to your mind first? May be you switch of the device or would not use it too often that it may turn off at any time when out of power. Here, we have a solution for your problem in shape of Anker Astro power pack charger which is portable and can charge more than one smart phone at a time and also an iPad for more than 2 times a day. Go out without worrying about your battery cut out or any other similar problem from now on. It is made of Lithium polymer core and is as light weight as any of Smart phone you are using currently.


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