The Internet has now become the basic source of communication among individuals and businesses. Therefore, there’s no denying in the rapid growth of business emails transfer among organizations. Behind a strong and successful business setup, mail server hosting plays a vital role. One of the reasons that the email services are so much popular these days is because it offers the ability of great email services without requiring any manpower to manage it. It also provides credibility to the business profile as the email addresses would carry the company’s domain name. SMTP emails are now being used for email data protection.

Here are some of the top benefits of having an email hosting solution:

1.  Secure Webmail Access

The industry-standard 128-bit encryption is used by email hosting service providers. The encryption is active during the entire webmail session. This makes it clear that any data you send or receive from the server is entirely encrypted from the moment you sign in till the moment you sign out.

2.  Shared Address Book

This is one of the most differentiated aspects of Email hosting services. It allows the user to store contact data for convenient retrieval and use. The private and shared address book is offered by most of the email hosting service providers. Some also offer the access to public network directory services.

3.  Spam and Virus Filtering

Any quality email hosting server blocks a threat before it even hits the network. The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) email servers are integrated with anti-virus scanners to avoid any potentially harmful mail. SMTP hosted benefits are countless and offer great protection of email data. Filtering methods such as blacklisting, whitelisting and greylisting which are used to send any potentially harmful data to quarantine folders instead of inbox are employed by companies who care for their online email security. For more information on SMTP email service visit

4.  Adequate Storage Space

The company providing this email hosting service ensures that users get robust storage space for each mailbox created. Some come with MBs of storage while others can give GBs per mailbox. A more flexible solution would allow you to upgrade your storage space as per your need.

5.  Secure IMAP and POP Access

Businesses these days opt for email hosting solutions because it allows them a secure access to their desktop clients through IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) or POP (Post Office Protocol). All the traffic is encrypted, including the usernames and the passwords sent from the email client to the server for authentication. Popular mail clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla, Apple Mail,  Eudora, Outlook Express and Thunderbird are supported by best email hosting service providers. Some of these servers also provide support for Linux and BSD clients as well as PDAs and pocket PCs.

Securing emails is your responsibility:

Apart from building a trustful and confident relationship with your clients, you’re also protecting your and your customer’s financial assets by using mail server hosting. There have been a few cases in the past where business owners have been sued for not taking proper precautions. Securing all the email transactions is one step towards a safer and more enjoyable e-commerce experience.