Although traditionally one had to connect his or her printer to a computer in order to print his or her documents and photos, this has been completely changed with the new technology that allows an individual to print from a printer without using cables. This method usually involves the printer being connected to the device from which the document to be printed is using WiFi. This means that you can have one printer connects to very many devices easily and without much effort. This technology have lots of benefits over the traditional over the wire printing. Here are some of the benefits this technology brings to anyone who adopts it be it at office or at home.


Traditional printers that used wired connections have the disadvantage of limited placement options since each and every person must be connected to it. If the office has one printer for everyone, each and every computer will have to be connected to it. This limited the way an office place could be laid out. This problem does not exist with wireless printers. They can be placed at any convenient location and everyone will still be able to be connected to it. It can be relocated to any place without disrupting any connection.

Mobile Printing

The technology allows mobile printing without having to connect your device to any computer. This means that you can print documents and photos direct from your smartphone, tablet and even laptop. The printers are also universal hence so long as a device is wifi enabled, you can print a document form it.

cost saving

Another important reason why one should invest in these printers is that they are money saving. With wireless printers, you can have one printer serving lots of people rather than buying a printer for each and every desk in the office. This brings down the investment cost and hence more business friendly. With one printer, maintenance cost will also be low since if there are ink toner cartridges to be changed, you will be doing that to only one machines not lots of machines as in case of wired printers. With only one printer, one will also enjoy cheap ink due to bulk printing.


With wireless printers, the security of the system will be enhanced. This is because one is able to set up password access to prevent any person from accessing the printer. The printers also offer special security features to protect your system from being hacked.

No Clutter

Wireless printers also helps in eliminating the amount of cables running form computers to the printer. This will ensure no more cables running on floors and walls to the printer. With this, one is able to achieve a not clutter office and home. Removal of these cables also reduces the hazards associated with cables at work place.

Print from anywhere

The last benefit one gets from a wireless printer is the ability to print from virtually any place around the office. If you have the printer at home, you can print from any place in your house and the result will be quite satisfying.