The Braven 850 is one the best Bluetooth speaker available in the market. It is quite portable and has got an elegant design. The Braven 850 is ideal for use at home as well outside the home. It can keep on producing high quality audio for 20 hours. This remarkable device costs $300 which is quite expensive as compared to the other speakers available in the market but if you analyse the specs of this device then you will realize that it is worth investing in it.

Design specs

The Braven 850 resembles in design with the 600 but there are some differences too. It looks like a brick of aluminium with 3lbs weight. All the controls are available on the top side in a row and the unnecessary buttons which were on the sides in the 600 have been eliminated. The mini USB port for charging has been replaced by the 12 volt DC input. The rest of the design specs of the 850 are given below

  • Width is 9.5″
  • Height is 2.75″
  • Depth is 4″
  • Weight is 3 lbs 5.5 Oz
  • Available in silver colour only
  • Compatible with Bluetooth devices only
  • No bundled remote control with the device
  • No AM/FM radio
Features of the Braven 850


The Braven 850 is dual faced where the internal amplifier provides 20 watts of power to the two active drivers at the front. There is also a microphone built into the device for hands free calling. A USB charging port is available on the right side and with a five LED array to work as a battery life indicator. A well tune DPS system has been installed in the 850 along with the SRS WOW HD audio which gives more power in the bass frequencies. For disabling this feature, just hold down the two volume keys and you are done. The 850 uses Bluetooth 3.0 for sending and receiving the audio signals. The speaker uses the aptX codes for providing good wireless audio quality. If you want to pair the 850 with your PC then you will have to press and hold the play button till the speaker is gets listed in your PC’s Bluetooth menu.

With the release of the Braven 850, the company has once again proved to the world that it is the master of producing premium portable speakers. This nice audio producing brick with elegant design, portability and icing on the cake with the Wonder Twin-style pairing has won the applause of many critics and customers.