If you’re trying to increase your sales while lowering your expenses, you already know that technological advances can be powerful tools to help you achieve these objectives. Printing marketing collateral is probably an important part of any business, and whether you utilize business cards, tri-fold brochures or bound annual reports, you are probably spending a considerable amount of money in print.

Using a web-to-print solution for your marketing collateral can help you save time and money, and it will help you reduce your overall waste. If you haven’t checked out web-to-print technology, it is easier than you may think, and your business will surely benefit for these reasons:


Wherever you’re located, it’s simple and easy to use web-to-print. If you want to proof your latest flyers online from the comfort of your home or office, you can do it anytime and anywhere, without being constrained by your print shop’s business hours.

The power of web-to-print is apparent in its ease of use. Print-to-web is also much faster than traditional printing processes since the printer is working off a PDF or other digital file rather than inking plates on a press.


With your business information stored in a central system, it will be easy to create the same results with multiple print runs. If you own a large business with many branches, you can count on your standards being followed — every time. Small and large business owners can also count on consistency since all of their print orders will be stored digitally, making it painless to recreate that awesome brochure from last year.


These days, being green is good business sense. Not only do customers appreciate utilizing a company that’s committed to the earth, being green saves you time and money. With print-to-web, you can count on printing what you need when you need it. This technology allows you to create small print runs for a great price, so you don’t have to worry about storing and recycling stacks of out-of-date printed marketing collateral. Of course, you’ll also save money on gas since you won’t be traveling back and forth to the printers. Your wallet and the earth can benefit from print-to-web.


With all of your information stored in one place, it’s easy for you to manage your inventory. Printed reports can easily be obtained, and you can even set budgets for each department or branch of your company. This increased oversight will help you save money.

Virtually anyone with access to a PC and the Internet can use to print-to-web. You’ll love the benefits to your business, and with the time and money you save, you’ll be sure appreciate this awesome technology. Find more great advantages of web to print in this blog post from TPH.

Author Bio: Jessy Jackson is a technology blogger that writes on several blogs, including Examiner and WikiHow.