The negative effects of smoking cigarettes are increasing by the day as scientific studies continue to identify even more issues. People who smoke tobacco are liable to die young while suffering a great deal of ill-health. Quitting smoking altogether is what most medical health practitioners suggest to be the only solution to escape the negative effects but that’s a lot easier said than done. Luckily there is an alternative in e-cigarettes. These are electronic cigarettes comprising of a battery, atomizer and a liquid cartridge that supplies the nicotine. It is safer than tobacco and you’re allowed to use it in many public places.

They’re The Healthier Option

One of the reasons why many people are switching to e-cigarettes is the opportunity to be healthier without having to worry about quitting. Tobacco destroys your immune system, damages your throat and lungs and exposes you to other serious illnesses including cancer. E-cigarettes can protect you against the negative health effects of smoking because they don’t contain any toxins. The absence of these carcinogens also protects your lungs so that you can breathe easily without any difficulties. Electronic cigarettes don’t contain carbon monoxide which is the primary agent responsible for poor blood circulation in the body by preventing oxygen from getting to your blood cells.

They’re Cheaper

Apart from making you healthier e-cigarettes also help save you money. They are cheaper in the long run since you can recharge the battery over and over again – changing only the cartridge. You also get a reduction in the cost of your life insurance since your life expectancy will increase once you drop the tobacco. The cartridges are available everywhere and you can easily buy them online. You also have the chance to select your preferred flavor, just to add value to your smoking style. Most smokers have a finds that smoking affects their social lives as they have to go outside to smoke and then there’s that smoker’s smell. With e-cigarettes you don’t have to worry about that anymore as you won’t have the unpleasant after odour of tobacco on your clothes and breath.

They’re The More Responsible Choice

Since there is no combustion there is no ash. Which means you can smoke in your car, office, at the park or anywhere else you like without worrying about how you’re going to get rid of the ash. Many smokers are usually embarrassed when they are told to stand outside in a confined area if they want to smoke cigarette. Well, you don’t have to worry about that anymore because electronic cigarettes don’t produce smoke. No more accidental burns or fire hazards because e-cigarettes don’t produce naked fire. Since cigarette smoking doesn’t produce any smoke, toxins or carcinogens, you’re most likely not going to put people around you at risk. This makes electronic cigarettes a very responsible way of smoking even if you’re in an airtight room.

Electronic cigarettes are definitely the way of the future, they are socially acceptable in a way that traditional cigarettes no longer are and their health benefits are clear for all to see so really there is no reason why a smoker shouldn’t choose an e-cig over a traditional packet.

Author Bio: Neal Curry recently switched from traditional cigarettes to e-cigs with decadent vapours which he feels are superior in every way.