Google made great improvements in the latest version of their operating system known as Android 4.4 KitKat by adding polished design along with emphasis on the efficiency of the operating system. But there are some interesting add-ons which can be revealed by going below few layers. Take a look at the following features of Android 4.4 KitKat which are normally overlooked and unknown to normal android users.

  • Process Stats

In the early versions of android, there was option for checking the app storage data. But in the latest version of android, you can also avail the facility of checking the memory consumption of the apps. You can get this feature in Developer Options. The Developer Option can be enabled by trolling to Settings and then to About Phone. In About Phone, tap on Build Number several times until you are not asked for enabling of Developer Options. The statistics shows the overall summary of your system memory, the load of each memory and complete overall analysis. While, these are useful for any user who want to know which app is eating up the RAM.

  • Advanced Photo Editor

While you will not see something groundbreaking in the Gallery Editor, but there is small update in the gallery editor in the new version of android KitKat. There is addition of some tools like graduated filters and adjustments with the co-operation of adjustment levels for different kind of effects.

  • Enabling And Disabling Of Lockscreen Widgets

Lockscreen were not enabled in the earlier version of android, as they were in Jellybean. But you can turn them on or off anytime. For this purpose, just go to Settings menu and in there go to Enable Widgets which will be buried under Security menu. If the box is checked, the widgets will be added on the lockscreen. For avoiding the leakage of personal information in case of your mobile lost, like Gmail account, there are some security measures added in the latest version to avoid this.

  • Immersive Mode

While watching movie or reading some content, navigation bar and other panels always disturb. But in the Android 4.4, Google resolves this issue by giving Immersive Mode. This mode will allow the user to have full screen view. The applications which are supportive for Immersive Mode will take the whole screen of your device and you can easily get your status bar or navigation buttons by simply swiping in on the whole screen. Unfortunately, there are some apps which are not supportive to Immersive Mode.

  • Wireless Printing

Mobile printing is still nerve-wracking task. Google has added Wi-Fi and cloud printing options in their latest running version Android KitKat. On most of the devices, Google Cloud Printing comes pre-installed. The new printer framework allows the manufactures of different printer companies to add their own print service. Once you have set the printer via Wi-Fi or Google Cloud service, then you can easily print documents from anywhere.