When business corporations and enterprises experience growth and development; the volume of data that needs to be taken care of increases. Computers might have made management of data easier (as there are no manual files) but there is also a greater risk of loss of data due to virus, damage to computers, hardware damage and possible calamities like fire. In order to have the data secured, adequate file protection is needed because the traditional tape backup can no longer cater to needs of larger organizations. Offsite backup might be an optimistic solution.


The following statistics would emphasize the need to have backup of your files.

  • 1 in 4 computers suffer with loss of data every year, and last year five hundred thousand computers were stolen resulting in loss of critical data of the owners.
  • Disk warranties cover 12 months after which the likely damage to data because of disk failures increases.
  • Computer program errors can cause 25% of the total data loss which the whole industry has suffered loss of 12 Billion this year due to the loss of data.

If the critical data like business clients’ information and potential sales lead is lost, it is likely that the business closes its doors forever. Those that bear out the loss can continue but even 90% of those that preserve shut down in the end.

Data loss can also occur due to factors that are out of your control like fire and earthquake. Valuable information can be lost forever because it is likely that bits and pieces are not recovered through any possible means. Even Disaster Recovery Planning (DV) fails to recover hundred percent files because of regulations and compliance.

No matter how good your security systems are, data loss can still happen because of factors that may be uncontrollable. Trying to have the whole information recreated can take up a lot of energy, time and material resources. It would be like starting from scratch and many enterprises would fail at this point. Text documents, financial records, client and employee information, address books, potential leads, business plans and strategies must all be kept in a backup storage device in order to relieve you of the stress in case the data is lost from computers.

Data loss is inevitable. It can happen to anyone and at any time. So don’t risk the reputation of your business and create online backups for your data. Online backups are secured and more security can be added. If you are concerned about your prototypes and blueprints being stolen, you can add stringent security measures.

The reasons for not having your data backup can be laziness, the unwillingness to spend more money or the naive notion that data loss would never to happen. Neither is very suitable because whilst computers have greatly improved business operations; they have also induced a greater risk in terms of loss of critical data and information. In order to avoid any situation that would put your business operations to a halt and cause monetary losses, backup your data with a secure online resource.