People have a lot of important data in their phones and they can’t afford to lose them. People having the iOS devices can very easily restore their lost data using iTunes or iCloud.

iPhones are the best Smartphones anybody have but its really very hard to keep the data save always. Anybody can face any kind of inconvenience that can lead to loss of the data on the phone. For example, the software of the iPhone can collapse, the phone can be broken, it can be stolen, etc. In such emergencies, the data of the iPhone can be restored very easily. All it requires is a little time and some efforts and the data of the phone can be restores easily. Though the data of the iPhone can be restored by many ways but the best ones are:

Backup Data Using iCloud:

The lost data of the iPhone can be restored by using iCloud. The iCloud backup provides very easy and the reliable backup solutions to the users who want to restore all their lost data of the iPhone either automatically or by the use of some wireless network. Anybody using iCloud can automatically restore their lost data if they have chosen the storage and backup options on their iPhone. All they need to do is turn on the iCloud backup option if it is turned off and then tab on the backup now option. And if anybody has a new device of the iOS operating system, then he should follow the following steps:

  • In the iOS set up assistance, choose the language and other options.
  • Select the restore option from the iCloud backup, when the assistance asks for setting up the iPhone.
  • Then select any earlier created backup.

Backup Data Using iTunes:

The data of the iPhone, iPad or even of the iPod touch can also be restored by using iTunes. But the users must keep this in their mind that the iOS operating system does not support the installing backups of the newer versions of iOS on the devices that have the older versions of iOS. For backing up the data on the iPhone by using the iTunes, the users must follow the following steps:

  • Check whether the computer or the laptop has the latest version of the iTunes or not.
  • If yes, then connect the iOS device to the computer.
  • Choose the option file, then devices and then back up.
  • Right click on the list of devices and select the option ‘Back up now’.

The backup of the data can also be done by syncing of the iOS device with the computer it is attached. When anybody uses the iTunes for syncing, backing up the data is its very first step.

For verifying whether the backup in finished successfully or not, open the iTune preferences and select the devices. There would be a list of the names of the devices backed up successfully.

Restoring With A Backup:

Anybody having a new iOS device can restore the data using the following steps also:

  • Connect the iOS device to the system that has the backup.
  • Make sure that the latest version of iTunes in installed in the system.
  • Choose back up option for restoring the data.