In simple terms, a dedicated server is basically an internet host providing service which allows you to store the content you want to dedicate to the Internet on their server. If you own a website, you are bound to be in contact with a dedicated server who is hosting and helping you manage your website, through their own servers.

These servers are usually received on lease, and they are solely dedicated to be working on your site. There are different packages offered, according to the band with, email accounts, amount of storage etc. being stored on the server.


First of all, you’ll be using a single server, and will not be sharing it with anyone else. Hence, you’ll never have to worry about some other website messing with the band with and slowing down your server ever.

You’ll have more flexibility, and can request the server to be altered in a way that your website requires it. You’ll have enhanced security too, of course, since your data will all be safe and stored in one place.

Besides, you’ll have a unique IP address.


Often, handling the price of a dedicated server alone can be tough since they can be expensive. To save themselves of extra costs, people use the shared hosting plans, which are cheap packages offered on shared servers.

In a shared dedicated hosting server, your server will basically be attending to websites and work of different people, including yours. So its cheaper because the cost is divided between you, and a few other people using the same server for their sites.

The only disadvantage you may experience with a shared hosting service is that the performance of your website might suffer. This is because all the resources of your physical server are being shared by all the people who are using the same server.

In conclusion, we can say, if you are running a small blog, then perhaps getting a whole dedicated server solely for your blog may not be a smart idea. However, if you require about thousands of visitors on your site every day for marketing and other purposes, then an investment for a separate dedicated server would be a good idea.