The future of telecommunication is here! German telecommunications provider Deutsche Telekom has announced plans to develop hologram technology in order to merge virtuality with reality.

This Technology will generate 3D Rendered Imagery from Smartphones

Hologram technology is set to make “holographic calls” a reality with Deutsche Telekom alongside Orange, Vodafone and Telefonica deep tech company MATSUKO.


Sven von Aschwege, the head of global devices partnerships at Deutsche Telekom has announced that companies have decided to work together since “holographic calls only really make sense if they work with everyone and not just one company’s customers.” The partnering firms will use a 5G internet connection as well as smartphone selfie cameras in order create an interactive 2D image which is then rendered into real time 3D form.

MATSUKO’s website offers a glimpse into the future of work with their promotional video showing off how they see this technology shaping in reality. A woman stands in front an image that is projected onto one side while holding up her smartphone at arm’s length to show it across the room, three times larger than what you would normally expect from just looking around yourself!

It seems that anything goes at the moment. Even a hologram of deceased rapper Tupac appeared on stage with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre back in 2012 and Coachella crowds were blown away! Maybe MATSUKO should have invited him instead?

When will Deutsche Telekom Hologram Technology be Available?

Nothing can be said at this moment. According to group of communication companies, the first stage of collaboration between companies has been completed, and they will continue improving technology through additional work in order to provide customers with high-quality service that meets their needs!

The group has started developing a new form of technology to allow people to watch different events and can call with people as if they were physically present, known as “one-to many” holograms. One-to many technology is also being further developed so that job interviews could move into the metaverse; this will create interactive experiences within virtual worlds!

Von Aschwege is enthusiastic about the new possibilities everyday hologram technology will bring.

They’re like “making phone calls as if the person I’m talking to stands right in front of me is one such dream that’s now moving closer into reality.

Von Aschweg