Our brain’s ability to observe things to see and respond to different stimuli of the environment shows that yes this is the only element which is controlling everything we do, we think, we feel and we respond to.

Everyone now a days are aware of the fact that yes we do have the internet facility to explore the world whether in good or bad means and this really effects our mind because it is the brain only which is taking all the decisions.

Even adults and children are not lacking behind in this field everyone is master these days. Let’s day if you are travelling on a plane surrounded by many sophisticated business minded people reading wall street journals on your lap tops or you have a meeting in London and before your landing you are preparing presentation on your PowerPoint to present their, or making important notes on your smartphones or even downloading apps , hey ! Wake up can you imagine all this few years back when you had no such technology like this come on people now this is what you call a computer age or as i say it’s about different apps age 🙂 !!!

Yes apps age because our life has been changed a lot and made easier by so many technologies which has reshaped our brains, our lives, our living standards.

New explosions and encounters with upcoming search engines, smart phones, iPads, laptops these things are not only changing the way we live and communicate but also stimulating our brain and opening new pathways and weakening our old and boring thinking.

Brains are evolving these days at a speed never before because this is a modern age and we have to stay updated and connected with the modern era an let ourselves go with it where it is taking us.
We can say that our global internet and child’s brain are highly creative and at a very fast pace because both are experimental and in innovative state of so much rapid development because a child never thinks before doing any act and just in hurry of exploring new things just like internet it never steps back it is just like opening a new world minute after minute because new technologies around us has reshaped our brains in such a positive manner that we don’t want to think for a second of going back in to that simple and complex age! İt is our new technology only that we tweet, chat, Facebook, and keep an update from all over the world just my making connections on global internet.