iOS 7 is the latest update in Apple’s Smartphone operating system. If you want to update your older version of OS for your iPhone, then there are some steps to be applied to get that version in your device.

  • Check Your Device

Firstly, make sure that you have compatible device to update. iOS 7 will work on iPhone models 4 and later ones. It will also compatible with retina display iPads, iPad2 and 5th generation iPod touch. There is something worthy to notice that not all devices will get the features of iOS 7. For example, user of iPhone 4 will not have Siri feature available. In the latest models, it is preinstalled like iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c.

  • Update iTunes

If you are going to install iOS 7 from iTunes, then you have to check that if you are using the current latest version of iTunes or not. To check that, after launching iTunes go to Help section and click on ‘Check For Updates’. If there are updates available, then install them and restart iTunes.

  • Back Up Your Device

This is the most important step to perform before updating your current OS. With the latest version of iTunes, now you can easily back up your device. Go and backup your device using iTunes. You can back up your device data to some cloud storage if you wish to proceed. To back up to iCloud, just simply go to settings.  In there, go to iCloud and then in Storage and Backup to turn on the switch for iCloud Backup.

  • Update iOS

Now as we have iOS 7 available, user can update wirelessly. The users which have fast Wi-Fi connection can install it with simple step. But this will be time consuming as compared with the second method.

First method is to update wirelessly with good Wi-Fi connection. In your device, go to Settings, General and then Software Update. There will be instructions available to download and install the iOS. This process is battery consuming as well as time, so you have to plug in your device.

The second method is to update through iTunes. This is the most recommended method to perform updating. To perform second method, just plug in your device with PC using USB cord. Now launch iTunes. On left side of iTunes, you will find device you have recently connected. Find your device and click it. Now you will see in the centre of screen ‘Version’ and button with value ‘Check For Update’. Click on that button to update.  A dialogue box will inform you that new version for your current software is available. After that, select Download and Update or simply download to download the updates.

  • Be Patient While Updating

The worst thing a user can do during update is to interrupt it. Just leave the device alone until you see any screen that prompts you to do any action. Finally, you have latest iOS 7 in your Smartphone.