Tech rental is the hottest new update that you need to know about. It is changing the technology landscape. We live in a time where everyone is incorporating smart technology into their homes. It is due to this reason that media and entertainment platforms are taking the concept to the next level. From books to music, the latest technology has made it possible to access the newest content with minimal effort. All you have to do is tap on your screen to start renting just about everything. The future is here. This post takes a look at how tech rentals are becoming the new norm in a high-speed environment.

So, What Started the Trend?

Gone are the days when people used to visit Blockbuster to rent or buy movies. Ever since Netflix entered the scene, it has completely wiped out the business. Netflix is a prime example of tech rentals and its success is influencing the next-big platforms.

Following Suit

Other platforms that are following suit include Amazon, Hulu, and Disney who have introduced their very own platforms. The world of streaming might seem new but the idea has always been there. When it comes to digital marketing, Netflix seems to be the first one to secure rights to create exclusive content. However, since Amazon has become the largest company in the world, it has the strength to produce award-winning shows.

Amazon aims to offer the next-day delivery service wherein all services would be available under one umbrella. It would lead to users taking advantage of a cost-effective subscription service. Disney is not that far behind. It has pledged to enter the content-streaming game and is showing no signs of stopping.


Besides just series, how we listen to music today is completely different from how we used to listen to music in a pre-internet world. In the past, programmers made servers to share content and hold music. The music industry by unregulated which made it difficult for piracy laws to come into effect. It meant that teens could easily download and access music without restriction. Everything changed when Apple emerged. It introduced the iPod which offered music to everyone. The public was able to listen to music with ease. However, it made it easier for people to use illegal sites and download music. But Apple Music and iTunes were created to develop an infrastructure for quick music streaming. It allowed artists to profit off their hard work. Spotify is an even bigger name in the world of music. It introduced an effective subscription-based streaming interface.

Hardware Rental Rumours Involving Apple

Apple has a lot in store for everyone in 2020. There are rumours circulating which suggest that Apple is established a rent-based service. The company is a trendsetter and not a follower. It aims to get the hardware to make technology renting the norm.


Technology renting is not just a concept. The biggest names in the tech world are working to make tech rentals common.