Are you wondering how to get a handle on your VOIP voice quality issues? Have you been losing one lead after another because of missed calls, dropped calls or other forms of shoddy call quality? If yes, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that will help fix your VOIP voice quality nightmares.

#1. Get on Top of Internet Speeds

As you might already know, every VOIP system depends on the internet to function. So, the easiest and perhaps the most effective way to fix any VOIP call quality issues is to crank up internet speeds. Often that means increasing bandwidth for your internet connection.

There’s nothing quite frustrating like a dropped call in the middle of a meaningful business conversation. You’ll not just lose a lead; you will probably lose part of your integrity too. As such, don’t be afraid of switching internet providers if your current one is unreliable.

#2. Work with your ISP

If you believe internet speeds or quality isn’t to blame for your VOIP voice quality problems, you might want to work with your internet service provider to get to the bottom of it. While the issue might not be on their end, your ISP can help you diagnose the problem and offer some suggestions on how to fix it. After all, the ISP is better equipped to analyze the issue and figure out network problems. If you have an in-house IT team, make sure the technicians work in collaboration with ISP to iron out the problem once and for good.

#3. Check Your Internet Configuration

Sometimes the problem could be as trivial as an issue with internet configuration. For starters, see to it that your internet connection is tweaked to give priority to your VOIP telephone system. If it is not configured to prioritize your VOIP, you may be directing more bandwidth to services such as web browsing, printing, and email.

#4. Are the Cables Up to the Task?

Next sensible step is to make sure your cables are VOIP-grade. Are they of sufficient quality to handle all your VOIP needs. If they aren’t up to the task, invest in higher quality cables.

#5. Check Phone System

If you have undertaken all measures, but the VOIP voice quality problem persists, it is high time to think about your phone system. Is it the culprit? On the high-end spectrum, consider investing in Huawei PBX system for businesses. This is the creme de la creme of PBX phones systems built to interface with VOIP.