If you are looking for an efficient way to manage phone calls then you need to get your hands on the latest Yeastar S20 Soho PBX System as it is the newest entry level version of the new S series IP PBX System. The system provides you with 20 lines and up to 10 concurrent phone calls. It might be hard to manage phone especially for your office during the season, so get your hands on the Yeastar S20 IP PBX as it utilizes the latest modern technology to provide you with an efficient option that gives you more savings.

High Quality

The latest S20 Soho PBX System is of high quality and provides you with more than just satisfaction. It is effective and efficient. Many improvements have been made to the system to provide you with a more efficient system.

Why you need to choose the Yeastar S 20 IP PBX for your business?

If your business is looking for a more compact VoIP device that is easy to use and is affordable at the same time then you need to get the Yeastar S 20 IP PBX for your business. The price which has been set by the company is affordable and the model is cost-effective. It has 2 expansion ports and even supports FXS/FXO port as well as provides compatibility with a GSM module.

The S20 even includes the A9 industrial graded quad-core CPU that is usually found in an S50. A memory capacity of 512 MB is also provided to users to ensure that you have sufficient memory to record and make use of its memory capacity.  The latest software solutions are provided to users to ensure that they have a great experience. The model uses Asterisk version 13 and even wings to its clear view of icons making it easy and efficient for you to be able to use the various programs.

Ideal Choice for Businesses

If your business is on a budget or is looking for the ultimate PBX system then it the one your business needs. It allows one to record all the incoming and outgoing phone calls with ease. It also allows you to transfer the store calls to an extended network. One can even set up calls for future recording purposes. The latest software is used in the system making it the perfect choice for your business needs. It is affordable and durable at the same time.