Are you tired of having to manage your tablets and smartphones simultaneously in this day of age, then you should get your hands on the new GoDonut which is a brand new universal mobile device stand that allows both tablet and smartphone users to enjoy total hands-free use anywhere, anytime. The clever, compact design offers the versatility of multiple angles to fit your varying needs.

With the GoDonut, you can now comfortably view your phone or tablet in various positions and angles. Users benefit from GoDonut’s stability which is required for typing on your phone or tablet, making the GoDonut suitable and truly hands free. It’s unique 360 degree turn radius makes it possible to view your phone in the any position possible.

The GoDonut is not only functional, but it comes with a variety of colors and finishes.  The design team strives to enhance people’s lives and relationships with technology, making smartphones and tablets easier to use.  Also, GoDonut is portable, washable, and also easy to stack. The GoDonut is perfect for accompany, on the Go. The GoDonut is made with minimal recyclable packaging and earth friendly materials

A mobile device stand with so many possible usesWhether you are studying for a quiz, on the go, or taking orders at the counter, the GoDonut is all you need.

Perfect For: 

  • Students
  • Chefs
  • Family time
  • Office Use
  • Small Businesses
  • Displays for conventions
  • Digital Note Taking
  • Front Desk Sign In
  • Many More Applications

Go Donut


  • 360 Degree Turn Radius and 3 Angles (Ensuring the perfect view completely hands free.)
  • The GoDonut is weighted. (Thus allowing it to hold your device securely.)
  • Comes in a wide range of colors and designs catered to your tastes.
  • Made in the USA. (We are helping in creating manufacturing jobs.)
  • The GoDonut is also made with minimal recyclable packaging and earth friendly materials.  (We pride ourselves in taking care of Earth)

GoDonut stands up to the challenges of daily life and the versatility of your device needs. The holder can be used with just about any model of smartphone or tablet and has the option of a 360 degree swivel stand for fast, effortless rotation. The stand requires no installation or alterations to the phone or tablet and can be used by inserting the device into one of the many slots.

Who needs a bulky case when you’ve got the GoDonut. Measuring 4” in diameter and 1” in height, it’s easily kept away in a bag or drawer when not used. Just slide your device into one of the slots and enjoy whenever you need to use it.

GoDonut is the ideal accessory for plane trips, note taking in class, meetings, or following a delicious recipe in the kitchen. GoDonut is also available with an optional swivel stand that provides 360 degrees of rotation so that content can easily be viewed around a table.

Now what makes GoDonut different from other phone holders?

GoDonut offers everything you could want in a mobile device stand and more – it’s compact, lightweight and easy to use., It isn’t only functional, but rather comes with a variety of colors and finishes including clear, metallics and glow in the dark.

  • 45 degree angle to hold your phone up while you’re standing
  • 65 degree angle to hold your phone up while you’re sitting or at eye level
  • 75 degree angle to lay back and enjoy, reducing glare

Alternative uses for the GoDonut

  • Business Card Holder
  • Glasses or Sunglasses display and holder
  • Retail display for tablets or phones
  • Sign holder

So go ahead and View Your Device Comfortably and Hands Free now!