Sundar Pichai, the head of Google’s Android and Chrome operations has declared at the Google I/O Conference 2013 that conference that the Google users activated 400 million Android devices in the year 2012 whereas; this number was previously 100 million in 2011. He revealed so in the developers-centered Google I/O International Conference of developers which is hosted by Google annually in San Francisco, California and is currently on-going. Piachi also noted that “The momentum has been breathtaking since then,”.

Pichai also focused on Google’s dual dominance in browsers and mobile through Android and Chrome. He said the possibility for developers to build thousands of third-party apps is what really excites Google.

Another important proclamation was by Hugo Barra, the vice president of product management, who marked that Google Play has just crossed 48 billion app installations in which 2.5 billion installations were made in the last month alone.

As the Google I/O Conference is in progress so it is expected that this online giant is expected to announce a multitude of new products. Along with this, users are awaiting for Google to provide them some more details about other recently announced technology like as about Google Glass.

Significance of Google’s Android Software:

It is something noteworthy that Google’s Android software has finally attained the status of the most-used mobile operating system in the world. Canalys has uttered last week that Android ran about 60 percent of all smart devices including phones, tablets, and notebooks which were shipped in the first quarter. As compared to Android, iOS stood second in the ranking with its share just confined to 19 percent. While Android still holdups iOS in tablets, it has started to pick up steam, the same ways as it did before the dominance of the smartphones.

Prediction by Google Executive Chairman:

Prior to this, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt had already predicted in April predicted that 1 billion users will be benefitting from Android smartphones within the time period of following six to nine months. He had also claimed earlier that the number of android users would be approximately of 2 billion within the upcoming year or two. The statistical data available shows that as of month of April is concerned, there were more than 750 million Android phones in usage across 320 carriers and 160 countries of the world, Schmidt said. He also articulated that there are nearly 1.5 million of sales or activations of android occurring on daily basis.