Google has always come up with some innovative and interesting stuff which readily gets the attraction of the people. Recently Google released it new “Google Glass”. It is simply Google on your face. It is a titanium framed computer that you can wear. Google call this early version of Google Glass as a beta version since a lot more upgrades are to be made into it before it becomes an essential part of technology lover’s life. Almost ten thousand units of Google Glass were produced with each having a huge price tag of $1,500. This early version of Google Glass is just the explorer version. On the basis of the review of the users, Google will make reasonable changes to this device and to make it more effective and efficient.

Interesting specs of Google Glass:

Google Glass allows you to either connect it with your smartphone and take phone calls or send texts. You can take photos and make videos with it. It shows you maps and provides you turn by turn navigation by using the GPS of your mobile. It provides you Google search facility. You just have to speak out what you want to know and Google Glass will tell you. By using the Wi-Fi for internet, it can also give you information about weather and time and can also tell you spoken news headlines. It is like an extra monitor of your mobile. It takes the most important stuff from your mobile and display in front of your eyes. Its interface is similar to Google Now.

Since Google Glass is in early stages of its development, so you cannot expect it to do all the tasks which you can do with your smartphone or tablet. But we can expect that this wearable internet connected display will take its place in the market in near future. It has an innovative idea and can completely change the way of communication.


It runs Android, but you can connect it to both iOS and Android devices. It also has option to connect it to phone or laptop via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. If disconnected from internet, it can still work as a camera. The camera is of 5 megapixels and can record a HD video. Its storage capacity is 12.5 GB which is quite enough while its battery can last for one day. It has a weight of only 42grams which makes it quite comfortable to use it.

It feels like that after significant upgrades the consumer version of Google Glass will come in the market somewhere in 2014.