The fantasy of childhood comes true in 21st Century in which we want a computer which talks back to us. Perhaps, this is not a new technology as we have Text-to-speech software, which help those person which have visual impairments. But when we talk about Android, there is more powered features available like reading a book loud or help you learn any new language.

In Android version 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, there was new feature included as text-to-speech voice. In recent month, there are two new additions of high quality digital voices in the app to make your device powered with something you really want to have. It is a very handy feature of Smartphones powered with android. Here is the procedure that how we can get started with this amazing application.

  • Enabling Of Text-To-Speech

First of all, you have to enable the functionality of text-to-speech which will be residing in the Settings menu. In your latest android version, just simply go to the Language & Input panel. In bottom of screen, you will have to select Text-to-speech output. Now to set your language in which your device will speak, just tap on Preferred Engine. From this page, you can easily install any of your suitable additional language pack to fulfill your requirements. You can also select any rate at which your application will speak. In the latest version of Android 4.4 KitKat, you will find an option which will display user default language status.

  • Read Aloud Feature

Only those reading and e-book apps will work correctly with Text-to-speech, which use the API. Unfortunately, there is no support for Amazon’s Kindle app, but user can get benefit of this feature with Google Play Store Books. The Read Aloud feature will be buried under the Settings menu, you can enable it for the sake of dictation of stories. After turning this feature on, your device will start reading aloud for you. It will heed to semi-colons and commas and will also try to pronounce all words properly. If any user want to learn new languages, then this Read Aloud feature will be beneficial for him. This feature can be availed by every e-book, but will work perfect with heavy text novels and stories. Text-to-speech engine is also being used by Google Translator. Just think that you are out of country and have no idea how to pronounce words in that country’s language and then Google translator will help you speak it by using text-to-speech facility.

  • Android, Talk To Me

If you really want your device to talk back to you for every single step you perform. In settings menu, inside the Accessibility panel, you can turn on TalkBack to perform this task. After turning on TalkBack, everything you did will be recited by your device. It is helpful for visually impaired people. You can mute the volume of every step by pressing the volume all the way down.