Most of the portable hard drives are used for only transporting large amounts of files from one computer to another computer and keeping backups of files. This concept of hard drives has been changed by the Patriots new hard drive Patriot because it has WI-Fi, tablet compatibility and rechargeable battery. Since this device is a first one of its kind, it may not appear to be as much useful to a normal person as actually is.

Aero has both Wi-Fi and USB connectivity but are mutually exclusive

This versatile device weighs only 295 g which is a bit heavier than the mainstream portable hard drives. It has a lithium-ion battery which can keep the hard drive alive for six hours and it can be recharged by using a standard cell phone charger. It has USB 3.0 a USB 2.0 ports. Besides this, as I have already mentioned, it also has WI-Fi connectivity. Unfortunately, all of these connectivity methods are mutually exclusive which means that you can use only one method of connectivity at a time. Enabling one disables the remaining two. When in WI-fi mode, it can work as a network file server. This is particularly handy if you want to share large amount of files with a group of laptops.

Aero as a Wi-Fi access point

Aero can also work to increase the range of your router by working as a wifi access point. You just connect your mobile or laptop to the Aero’s wifi network and then connect the Aero’s wifi network with your wifi router. By increasing the range of the router in this way also has a disadvantage, the download speed and buffering speed decreases.

Although it has support for connecting it with USB or wifi but still this device lacks the ability to connect it via ethernet cable. The reason why it does not have an Ethernet port might be that this device has been produced for using it with mobile devices.

For making this device to work as a file server and connecting tablets and mobile devices with it, the company has also produced corresponding apps for Android, iOS and Kindle Fire. In this way the limit of the storage capacity of mobile becomes vanished. You can keep your music, videos, PDF files or any other thing like that in this portable device. By using the SAMBA-compatible application, the user can access the files on the hard drive and copy them into his mobile device or vice versa.

As this device is a first one of its kind in the market so it has a very little amount of documentation with it and will hardly catch the attention of A person who is not very much used to such kind of innovative gadgets.