With the advancement in technology, the gadgets also keep on improving. The mobile phone was initially built for the sole purpose of communication but the mobile phone of today has become a smart computer giving a wide range of functionality to the user. Similarly, there was a time when we used to have the analog watches which only told us time but with the application of technology, they started giving more functionality. Besides telling us time, they can be used for many other purposes like telecommunication and web navigation.

We people have heard a lot that Microsoft and LG are going to a launch a technological sort of watch very soon. Samsung also has confirmed that it is also going to launch such kind of device in the market and above all, Apple is also working on a project of iWatch.

With such kind of rumours in the air, it is readily expected that in order to keep itself in the race of competition, Google will also go for producing a Google Watch. Many technological journals have also confirmed about the upcoming Google Watch.

It is obvious that due to its small size, the Google Watch will have limited space for user input. But what Google can do is that it will might interface the Google Watch with its Google Glass. In this way the functionality of the watch will be increased more and it will become more versatile. The watch will run Android and will offer YouTube, Gmail, Google Search and Google Voice Search.

Google Watch will might be produced by Motorolla

There are expectations that the Google Watch will might be manufactured by Motorala Mobility which is a subsidiary of Google. We remind you here that Motorolla has already produced an exercise watch in 2011 named as Motoactiv. Motoactive is a fitness tracker and along with that it has a music player in it. While on the other hand, Anonymous Tipsters recently contacted the Android Authority and has claimed that the Google Watch has already been produced and it has been seen in the Google’s offices in Berlin, Manchester and Mountain View. At present, either the Google Watch physically exists or not, the fact is that it is not available in the market and the Google’s customers will likely want to experience such kind of device whenever it is made available in the market.