As a beginner in video mapping you’ll ask this question often and might go a long way to get to the answer. You can create the best 3d animation ever and it might not look like the way you had on your screen at all. The other day you go and give it a try on a different surface with a different projector and with an animation content that is just simple and it works much better. Animation stills and photos of projection mapping artworks will never look the same of course.

That’s one of the most exciting part of creating 3d mapping artworks. Different buildings different surfaces different projectors and different content. Every project is a new challenge and a new opportunity to learn something about it. And basically, that’s the only way to get to a point when you can predict how a projected image will look like on that specific facade. And you can create your animation content accordingly so it will look perfect on your building.

3d projection mapping became one of the most spectacular forms of audio visual art. It’s a unique experience for any audience and it’s becoming a popular highlight of world class events. You don’t have to think too hard to understand why 3D mapping is important and useful commercially. Certainly, we can see why companies might want a complete map of their real estate, so they can identify weaknesses, track preservation needs, or make improvements on a design. But 3D mapping can also help us conserve the physical reality of a place because places change over time, and when they change we lose something about what was once there, usually forever. Contact Hassan Sadiq Himex to help you provide commercial 3D mapping projects in your place.