How Long Should a USB Stick Last For?

USB flash drives are great devices to use for almost anything in the world of technology today.  They can be used to store digital files and programs and have basically replaced CDs and DVDs as the most efficient form of digital data storage available today.  Custom USB flash drives can fit in your back pocket or even within the palm of your hand but many of them contain hundreds and even thousands of megabytes and even gigabytes of available storage space that is ready and waiting to be used by you.  These portable devices may appear to last forever, but can they?  How long should a USB stick last?

Based on Frequency and Not Use 

Contrary to popular belief, you will never be able to kill the life of your USB flash drive by one single data transfer – regardless of how big or small that transfer may be today.  Studies have confirmed that custom USB flash drives are actually able to withstand data transfers that fill up their maximum capacity without causing any rippling effect that leads to long-term damage or inoperability.  The truth is that the life of your USB device is not based on the amount of storage that you use it for but, rather, the frequency of your regular usage.

It’s all about the Write/Erase Cycles

 Even though there USB storage devices seem to fail and malfunction after being used frequently for quite some time, you do not have to worry about that taking place for a very long time.  Even in some of the most extreme cases where you use your USB flash drive for an overwhelming number of data transfers throughout the day on a daily basis, your custom USB stick would still be able to last through between 10,000 and 100,000 write/erase cycles before it starts to malfunction.  Therefore, even though these portable USB storage devices cannot last forever, if they are used casually they can definitely last a lifetime.

Properly Care for Your USB Stick

Do not take the fact that they can withstand tens of thousands of different write/erase cycles as a sign of them being completely unbreakable.  As is the case with any other form of technology, USB sticks can easily be broken and suffer irreparable damage if they are not cared for properly.  Make sure that you take good care of your USB flash drive, keeping in mind that it is small and fragile and you will be able to enjoy its quality and efficiency for many years.

Post contributed by Alan Dhillion, a security tech specialist who recommends for custom usb memory sticks and advice.