A user has printed a photograph taken with your HTC One to the 46 inch size. Amazing, is not it? According to the same user, said to have carried out this test to break the megapixel myth. And this man is that he is right and that even at this size the image looks a really wonderful. Undoubtedly, this new act further corroborates the great work of HTC camera made ​​in its flagship. We show you all the details below.

HTC One, a picture of her printed up to 46 inches

And that if we put an expert hand in photography and great posterior chamber of HTC One get incredible results as the fantastic 46-inch box that I just showed you.

As well as we mentioned at the beginning of the entry, according to the author, the main objective of this impression is to break the myth embedded in many minds that the more megapixels a camera has the better the quality of your photographs.

With this, the photographer also has made clear that there is no “bad camera” but bad photographers. This moved to Bobcaygeon, Ontario, where he took his HTC One this amazing and wonderful photography.

printed photo 1

Of course such a picture has been taken by a professional photography and obtain such results is not “easy” so to speak, but we are delighted to know that such a work of art has been taken on a HTC One

A fantastic picture for example, to hang above our fireplace or anywhere in our homes.

We’d love to see more examples like this, to show what cameras are capable of existing devices.

Do you think what would you have done better? How about this fantastic picture taken with the rear camera of the HTC One?