Inwaya utilizes a combination of steel wire, audio cassettes, and clocks, to create emotionally appealing pieces of art that anyone can identify with.

These uniquely animated characters feature a body of wire, a head made of cassette and eyes made of clocks. Along with being a creative illustration of the conventional desk clock, these characters allow you to express your personality while keeping your desk organized.

These products feature a compact size, making them ideal pieces to display in small and large spaces. Be it your office cubicle desk, home office, or nightstand; they are compact enough to display just about any space.

Inwaya characters are practical and functional timepieces that easily appeal to a wide range of people. Whether it’s office workers, students, teachers, businesses, lovers of art, lovers of nostalgic cassette tapes, or music fans, anyone can identify with these characters. In short, Old School Cassette Tapes, Made into Unique Functional Art.

The audio cassettes are interchangeable, allowing you to store them in a protective dust cover when not in use. You can also customize your cassette color, graphics, and graphical messages.

The clock features two functional clock inserts that provide dual-time functions. The clock dials are customizable with different images, colors, materials, textures, or logos.

The clocks are available in  four unique characters to choose from:

  1. MC Rewind

This character depicts a hip hop artist wearing a gold chain and a  T-shirt imprinted with the name “MC REWIND.” This clock is ideal for lovers of music.

  1. Ghost Shadow

This character represents a Native American warrior wearing a real buckskin shirt, holding a spear. Lovers of nature will love to display this character in their spaces.

  1. Superbad

Superbad depicts a  break dancer wearing a red T-shirt, posing in a Bboy handstand. Superbad is an ideal display for break dancers.

  1. Lightnin Bolt

This character depicts Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter, wearing a Jamaican jersey and holding a national flag. This clock is an excellent piece of art for lovers of sports.

The colorful and humorous appeal of Inwaya products differentiates them from competing products. In addition to the brazen depiction of the characters, the functionality of the clocks and pencil holder makes them must-have pieces in your space. Their purposeful design and striking retro look are appealing to just about anyone, from music lovers to art fans and retro lovers.

Benefits of Inwaya characters:

  • They provide dual functions of storage and time display.
  • Allow you to express your style and personality.
  • Come in a compact size allowing for easy display without taking too much space
  • Interpret art in a unique and humorous way.
  • Provide a cool place to put your pens and pencils, allowing you to stay organized.
  • Provide a nostalgic appeal with a hint of humor that will uplift your spirit.

Overall, Inwaya products are unique masterpieces that beautifully blend a retro look of cassette tape and modular clock inserts to deliver space efficiency, a nostalgic appeal, and impeccable aesthetics. These products make perfect personal gifts or promotional items. If you’re a fan of retro media, Inwaya cassette clocks & desk organizers are what you’re looking for.