Previously it was brought in our knowledge that Apple was looking forward to great lengths for presenting out iOS 7.

It is strongly felt that the new iOS 7 is even now supposed to be on the roadway for a debut at Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference in June. Another important thing is that expectations are also there that it might be used in the next iPhone somewhere later in the same year.

As the WWDC 2013 hardly at a distance of just few weeks, as a lot has been in new regarding “flat” redesign to 9to5 Mac, its seems that finally it is going to rock the floor.


The most basic change which has been pointed out by the resources is that is devoid of any sophistication in its outlook and design. Well talking about its appearance, it opens up with a new Lock screen along with a shimmery image and a clock.  Modifications have been made in the security pad where in place of a conventional overlay, a new interface has been introduces which gives black keys with corresponding white text. Taking about wallpapers, dear users get stay tuned as the new panoramic wallpapers will constitute the package as well with and added advantage of showing up of various parts of an image on the new pages.

iOS 7 seems to be compliment as a matter of fact that this is part of Ive’s concept to convey an operating system that counterparts the physical form of the iPhone.

Everything seems quite different and distinguished from the previous models like base apps such as Calendar, Camera, Game Center and Safari etc.

Apps similar to Mail and Messages will feature additional identical appearances; whereas, Weather will also get a comparable re-working,and is also subject to getting certain slight animated touches for diverse situations, be it rainy or sunny.

Along with this, the numerous storefronts (iTunes, iBook and App) will all be re-washed in a livelier white, relatively than the black they have settled identical with, and Newsstand is also whispered to be dropping the wood grain, too.

Another thing to be notified is that the iPhone users who recurrently FaceTime should be pleased to catch a detached button for the feature will be added, as it was there in the case of iPad and iPod Touch. The Notification tab will also experience major retooling and most outstandingly though, a novel panel is predictable to be encompassed which will feature stress-free access to Airplane, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth toggles.