We often see android and iOS lovers fighting with each other to describe their loved one operating system as the best in the world. In this article, you will not see another flame war between two operating systems for smartphones, but you will be able to discover the major differences between the two.

  • Lock-Screen And Notifications

While, looking at the lock screen of iOS7, the lock screen is minimalist and is easy source to give accessibility to notifications and camera immediately. In spite of all this, the slide away unlock screen feature will be much better one to use. But when we discuss about Android 4.4 lock screen, there is versatility in terms of customizations that includes widgets and all. The positioning of selected widgets is not wider as we desire. Overall, the lock screen of these two operating systems is fantastic, but they could make something much better than the recent one.

In iOS7, the notification center is improved a lot and is comfortable and easy to use for those who are able to use Calendar app. If you feel congested in the Notification center, then you are free to display the notifications which are needed for your usage. But in Android 4.4, the notification bar doesn’t show much notifications. Regular updates can be received from Google Now.

  • Camera And Multimedia

For matching up the camera software availability on the Note 3, Galaxy S4 and HTC One, Google had to improve their android camera software program. In near future, android will take camera processing to new level that will be lovable by many photo junkies. On the other hand, the iOS camera software is quite easy to use and friendly as compared with android one. If you had first experience with the operating system, then you will get the hang of the software in no time. The recently added filters also helped to make the experience of camera processing more enjoyable and user-friendly.

  • Multitasking

In iOS7, there is app overview window through which you can transfer from one application to another unlike the older versions in which you can see the applications with their icons only. In android 4.4, the multitasking is quite easy and simple. You can easily swap from one application to another by simply holding the home button for some time and you will see the list of applications currently running in your android smartphone. You can choose the selected one to go to the desired application easily.

  • Conclusion

It will be very difficult to say that iOS7 is better than Android 4.4 or Android 4.4 is superior then iOS7. The user whose preference includes fresh, sophisticated and user-friendly operating system then your choice would be iOS7. The iOS7 includes limited customization, but a well-polished clean look and feel grab the attentions of the users. But on the other hand, the users who are willing to have full control over the smartphone would adopt android 4.4. Android is packed with some interesting and distinguished features, but lacking the elegance of iOS7. In the Google Play Store, there are plenty of free applications which can be used in daily life for having enjoyable life with smartphone.