In this modern corporate world, effective communication, both internal and external, has become inevitable for every business entity in order to survive the cut-throat competition. Not having a proper communication system in your office may result in losing out on potential customers. Therefore, having a sound communication channel for commuting with your customers and employees have become a need of the hour and Datavox Systems India can help you with exactly the same.

They are offering an efficient office phone system, IP PBX, for a better communication, not only within the office but with potential and existing customers as well. Have a look at some of the extensive features of IP PBX:

A Flexible System

The traditional systems that some companies use come with many limitations. On the other hand, the IP PBX system offered by Datavox Systems India is a flexible system as it can connect to a number of devices. Furthermore, it can also support a variety of software. The result of this enhanced flexibility is effective communication as more customer queries can be handled in an efficient way simultaneously.

Advanced Communication Features

A feature that sets the IP PBX system apart from other office phone systems is that it boasts of advanced communication features that help to improve the communication within and outside an organization. The use of these features makes this system much more reliable.

Wireless Connectivity

In this extremely efficient IP PBX system, computers are used for the communication purposes. This system allows the software phones to be installed on the PC; therefore, there will be no hassles of wiring. Even if you want to add new extensions, it can be done in a convenient manner

Easy Communication

IP PBX system offers easy communication. It can prove to be extremely advantageous for business entities. Right from interoffice connectivity to voice mail handling, managing call queue to IVR, this system is designed to provide all the exceptional features. With the installation of this system, your business will be able to hand more calls in a minimum period of time and enable you to have remote office connectivity, which, in turn, will help you to handle business operations in a seamless manner.

All these features and advantages offered by IP PBX system make it a must-have for your office. For more information, contact Datavox Systems India – IT, Telecom and Solar Systems now.