Scientists claims that the regular use of electronic gadgets by children could interfere with development of problem solving and social skills. These skills are typically required by unstructured play, exploring and cooperating with friends they said

Giving a child an ipad or cell phone to make them calm down their frustration could stunt their development. Scientists discovered that using the latest technology as a keep calm tool prevents young people from developing to their own particular strategies for self regulation. In spite of the fact that e books and learning applications can be very useful, they are a complete waste for under over two years old, and are best when used with their mom and dad, the study found.

At the same time there are few studies researching whether this is the case for intelligent and interactive applications. Early research has discovered babies and little children learn best through eye to eye and hands on experiences.

The effect these cell phones are having on the behavior and development of children is still moderately unknown. ‘It has been well studied that an increased TV decreases a child’s development of social abilities and language. The use of mobile media replaces the amount of time spent in direct engaging human to human interaction.

‘These gadgets additionally may replace hands on exercises essential for the development of sensory motor and visual-motor abilities, which are vital for the learning .’

The analysts found that while cell phone use by children can give an education benefit, the utilization of these gadgets to distract kids during an errand may be unfavorable to the emotional and social development of the children.

‘If these gadgets turn into the predominant technique to distract and calm children, will they have the capacity to add to their own internal mechanism of self regulation?

My final word from this argument is if you enjoy using your tablet or smart phone and have fun using different learning applications through play with your children, there isn’t any evidence or proof that it might give children “brain damage” as some social media are implying it. There’s also no problem in letting your child play by themselves with a tablet while you do your important chores as long as you limit that time just like you would be doing with the television. So moderation is the best advice here!