We all currently lie amidst the cyclone of rapidly changing technology. Everyday a new development comes up in the phones we use, in the software of our laptops or the Operating Systems in our devices. The rate of change at present is too rapid to keep up and obsolescence now occurs in time period of months rather than years. What we see are end results in the form of new applications and Operating Systems we can use, but what lies behind it is iterative and continuously evolving ‘programming’. It’s these trends in programming that enable us to be recipient to mind boggling technology.

Evolution Of Technology

Programming has undergone a lot of changes as well. There was a point in time when the computers we used were based on Command Line Interface, which meant that their operability was based on typing commands similar to that in programing. Despite the fact that we now use Graphical User Interface in all our devices the back drop of systems is still based on programming.

The versions of Android coming up one after the other, each one better and with greater number of features, the never ending list of applications on the Google play store and the highest level of customization ever offered by phones is all a resultant of exceptional innovation in programming that lies behind these systems. The same goes for Windows or iOS based phones as well.

Trends In Programming

There are many trends that programming is undergoing lending it such rapid evolution. This includes the fact that programmers no longer type every set of codes from scratch. Rather they now have the facility to incorporate previously used codes and improve upon them by using preprocessors. No more are programmers bound by the rigid punctuation of Java, because they have now come up with Groovy that allows dynamic programming in multiple languages. This has indeed made the world of programming less dreaded and more flexible for those who pursue it as a career.

Programming and Gaming

Programming has indeed modified the world of gaming tremendously as well that is because the process behind developing those games has changed. Programmers no longer write tedious C code instructions concentrating on the detail behind the working of the game. This is because they now use frameworks like Corona and Unity which have been left behind by previous programmers. This has enabled the programmers to concentrate more on the game play, narrative, characters and art of making it more enjoyable to play.

The transformation in the world of Programming has made the task for programmers more flexible, enjoyable and relatively less tedious than before. This is translated into faster innovation in the systems and applications that we use on a daily basis on our systems and cell phones.