The Banco Santander is committed iZettle, Swedish mobile payments. This agreement is a step forward in the methods of payment and can assume that a trend showing that it takes years finally consolidated.

The Banco Santander invests in iZettle, a Swedish company mobiles and social payments over five million euros (6.6 million dollars). Banco Santander is the largest bank in the euro zone representative and one of the largest in the world which is a step forward in mobile payments.

iZettle was founded by Jacob de Geer and Magnus Nilsson in 2010, with offices in Stockholm is present in several European countries. It offers free apps for iOS and Android in Spain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, although the company promises to reach more countries soon. Prices for card readers depend on the country, in Spain the price is 25 € and buy add 20 € in free transactions.

One of the strengths of iZettle is simplicity and security by iZettle payments are regulated by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority and approved by EMV (Europay, MasterCard and Visa).

It seems a good step to know that a bank Banco Santander importance of investing in iZettle, bet for renewal and support a more comfortable payment method and modern. Especially since depending on the country the card payments are more accepted than others. In my experience in Spain, contrasting it with other countries, I have experienced many times the refusal to accept card payments for taxes that banks charge. I think a delay that carrying a Smartphone in your pocket you have to walk to find an ATM, take out a piece of paper and return to the starting point. The more you bet for comfort, more consumers and merchants win.