Have you ever wondered what the kitchen of the future would look like? If you are anything like the generation that saw the birth of sci-fi and the space age, your guesses are not even close. Even though we may never see the robot butler imagined by speculators in the 50’s, there are several thrilling inventions on the horizon for the busiest room in the home. Nowadays, the lines between science-fiction and science fact are blurring as more and more appliances take on multiple roles and functions.

This technological kitchen revolution might have started with food processors and microwave ovens that also double as blenders, but countless more advances are imminent. For instance, numerous household appliance companies are testing ovens that keep food chilled until a predetermined time, after which it will actually defrost, roast, or microwave your meal for you.

Inter-connectivity is another feature that will play a prominent role in the kitchen of the future. Picture a kitchen in which all appliances function together, by means of a wireless network: An oven that alerts the microwave when its contents will be ready in 5 minutes, allowing just enough time to heat up the gravy. The slow-cooker can even alert the rice cooker for perfectly prepared meals that all finish at the same time. Smart appliances will be able to download recipes and pre-programmed cooking instructions from online databases, which will mean literally anybody will be able to prepare the perfect meal.


An additional mainstay of the future kitchen will most likely be voice-activated technology. This implies that you’ll be able to set the oven’s (or stove plate’s) temperature, while chopping your ingredients. You’ll also be to add ingredients to your refrigerator’s digital shopping list, simply by speaking, as you require them. Ultimately, refrigerators will be able to scan their own contents so as to provide a list of missing or expired items that needs replenishment.

Preparing food isn’t the only thing that will be altered in future kitchens. Intelligent dishwashers will be able to sense the type and quantity of dirty dishes, programming itself accordingly with the correct wash-cycle, and soap settings for perfectly washed dishes.

The quickest change will most likely come from green appliances, which do more, with less energy. As energy costs increase and interest in sustainable energy grows, these technologies will continue to find their way into our kitchens. The refrigerator and air-conditioners will almost certainly benefit the most from these energy efficient technologies, since they are appliances that are always on.

The future isn’t around the corner anymore, it’s here! So, keep your eyes peeled for new kitchen technologies, because it’s bound to blow your mind.

Muun-unit is a hippie, Eco-warrior, and nature-loving kind of guy – who enjoys traveling the world and cooking gourmet dishes. He is passionate about everything “green” or Eco-friendly, and believes that everyone should do their part in conserving our beautiful environment. Moon-unit wrote this article for an Online Appliance Shop that trades in Eco-friendly products.