In this article, we look at KnownHosts VPS Hosting Plans. We talk about SSD hosting (vs. HHD). We also look at the latest KnowHost Coupons.

KnownHost is one of several hosting companies, like Godaddy, that offer managed SSD hosting plans. SSDs are a more advanced form of digital drive that companies use to store data from your website or web server. Traditional hard disks use a storage medium that’s not unlike a record or a CD. It’s a physical disk that has to spin around in order for the “needle” to access different information that’s stored in different places. In contrast, SSDs use flash memory banks that can be accessed at any time. This means that reading and writing information to an SSD is much faster than reading and writing information to a traditional hard drive.

KnownHost SSD VPS Plans

KnownHost offers 4 different plans for its SSD VPS hosting. They’re called MVPS-1 through 4 respectively, and they all give you plenty of resources to host your website the way you want it.

The MVPS-1 plan is the most basic option. At just $28 per month, you get two virtual cores for your CPU and at least 2 GB of ram all to yourself. As far as storage goes, you get 50 GB of RAID-10 SSD space to fill to your heart’s content. Your server comes with 2 IP addresses and plenty of tools to get you started, including cPanel, WHM, or DirectAdmin. You’re limited to 2 TB of bandwidth on this plan.

Upgrading to the MVPS-2 plan gives you 2 more GB of guaranteed memory and twice as much storage space, 100GB in total. You get an extra terabyte of bandwidth, too, meaning that your site can have more visitors. This plan costs $49 a month. However, using a valid KnowHost promo code you should be able to save as much as 30% off your VPS plan. More about KnownHost coupon codes and deals at the bottom of this article.

If you’d like more processing power, MVPS-3 doubles your CPU cores and gives you 4 processing threads for scripts, database operations, or whatever else you’d like to use your server for. You get more ram and storage, too, with a guarantee of 6 GB of ram and 150 GB of RAID-10 SSD storage. Finally, you get an extra 1 TB of bandwidth, bringing your total to 4. This plan is only $63 per month.

Finally, MVPS-4 gives you 6 processing cores and 8 GB of guaranteed ram. In order to store the results of your calculations, you get a whole 200 GB of RAID-10 SSD storage. 5 TB of bandwidth ensures that your server can be used for just about whatever you want. This premium plan costs $80.50 each month.

All four plans give you the same laundry list of features as other top-tier webhosts. This includes free backup, 24/7 support, plenty of 1-click installers for popular CMS and utilities, unlimited domains, and full root access to your server. Not only does this make setting things up a breeze, it also gives you all of the control you could ever want for when you want to tinker with technical details and change how your site runs.

Saving Money With KnownHost Coupon

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