The world of technology is full of creativity and innovation. Every time there comes a new technology that blows people’s mind and provides them great deal of convenience, comfort and amazing experiences to share.

The introduction of laptops and Tablets has provided a great deal of convenience to people and has made a lot of work easier, better and organized.  Big technology companies like Microsoft, Apple, Intel and various other brands are now shifting their focus more on building laptops and tablets with 3D technology to bring technology to an another border of imagination.

What’s new in it?yoga_2_pro

Now many big corporations of technology are considering introducing laptops with 3D sensors that will replace the conventional webcams and these products will be available for sale before the end of 2014. Intel is playing a vital role in bringing this technology into function as it is providing the sensing technology to the manufacturers of laptops. The market for tablets 3D sensors will soon be hit in earlier 2015.

Intel- the providerA laptop displays the Intel logo at the CES in Las Vegas

The idea to bring 3D sensing technology to laptops and tablets was brought by Intel and is the key player as it is providing the sensing technology for production of this amazing technology. Intel has developed 2 types of sensors. The one sensor is specifically designed for use in a front facing camera or webcam so that it can sense human movements like gestures. The second types of sensor is designed and developed to use on the back of the device for scanning purposes like scanning objects as far as about 4 meters. Both the sensors installed in the device will capture color and provide the 3-D shape of the scene thus which will in turn make it possible for a computer device to identify gestures or search objects.

Furthermore, Intel is trying its best to work in collaboration with different software companies for development of applications that will use this technology. In couple of weeks, the Intel (chip maker) will soon release free software that can be used by any other software developer to use it and build his own apps for the sensor.

Intel’s Partnersintel-3d-depth-camera-1

Intel is making alliances and collaboration with various software companies. Partners that are currently working with Intel are Skype unit of Microsoft, DreamWorks which is a movie and a gaming studio, and a 3D company naming Autodesk.

What 3-D sensor can do?leap-3d-motion-sensor

Apart from understanding gestures and identifying the objects from a far, this 3D sensor can do a lot more than you think.  It can measure the dimensions of a sofa placed in store, can estimate the true size of a fisherman’s catch from a photo etc.