Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, smartphones and especially hybrids. These gadgets abounded between releases in international technology exhibition Computex 2013, which began today.

Today in the remote and beautiful city of Taipei, a city full production of electronic devices, opened one of the biggest events in the world of consumer electronics and gadgets, the annual technology trade show Computex 2013. In this great event, a great number of manufacturers presented their new devices, and in the case of smartphones, tablets and computers, proposals have been very attractive, but also very risky. In ALT1040 select the best releases in Computex 2013 we will see come to market in the coming months, for all tastes and needs.


The renowned manufacturer of all kinds of components and computers, again tries (and succeeds) to surprise the market with a huge range of devices of all sizes, types, shapes and personality problems again, is that the range “Transformer” back to make an appearance, on terminals that are truly attractive to the user but very confusing names.

Infinity Pad Transformer

Pad Transformer

ASUS Transformer Pad Infinity renewed, this time adding a 10 inch panel but with a crisp resolution of 2560×1600 pixels, a processor NVIDIA Tegra 4 and 2 GB of RAM, counting of course with its traditional keyboard dock that gives it more ports (HDMI and USB) and more battery life, but that similarly the tablet can function on their own to perfection, with the latest version of Android Jelly Bean.

This device is expected to have a $ 400 price (without keyboard), however, this has not been confirmed, nor its exact release date.

Infinity Zenbook

They have also renewed its line of ultrabooks, with a new model called Infinity Zenbook well as being incredibly light and thin, are the first ASUS laptop to feature a touch panel protected by Gorilla Glass. It features an Intel Haswell, USB 3.0, a long-lasting battery and an incredible thickness of just 15.5 mm.

Transformer Book Trio

Transformer Book Trio

The ASUS star device in this Computex 2013. The Transformer Book Trio leads beyond the multifaceted trend credible brand terminals, offering a gadget that costs me catalog, to have the possibility to be used as a tablet, laptop or desktop.

This makes thanks to having two Intel, Intel Atom and Core i7, so it also offers two operating systems to choose from depending on the type of use that you think give: Android and Windows 8, each led separately by each CPU, a very curious and attractive, though not the first time we see a branded device. Unfortunately, no specifications were disclosed, but if they advertise that the Core i7 will be located at the base keyboard, so we can only use Windows 8 when connected to it.

Pad MeMO FHD 10 and HD 7

The new tablet 10 inch Pad MeMO offer HD resolution panel (1920×1080 pixels), carrying within it a CoverTrail + Intel Dual Core, 2 GB of RAM, front and rear cameras and the latest version of Android.

On the other hand, the HD Pad MeMO 7 “tablet offers a more economical in the market with Android operating system, as ASUS placed the price of this device in just $ 129, with quad-core ARMv7 processor (model not specified) and 1 GB of RAM, in four colors, to meet the most basic needs, the style of the Nexus 7.


Meanwhile, Acer turned some rumors and based his presentation on new technologies and architectures, with the help of Windows 8, offering two major launches at Computex 2013 that stand out.

Iconia W3

Iconia W3

Finally the rumor of the arrival of a tablet running Windows 8 full version and just 8-inch screen was a reality. The new Acer Iconia W3 offers all possibilities of latest Microsoft operating system on a device extremely portable and convenient to carry, for just $ 379. The possibilities of this little gadget, not being limited by Windows RT, are many, and therefore make it so attractive.

Acer Aspire S3 and S7

The new generation of ultrabooks from Acer offers top of the range as the repowered Aspire S7, which this time features an Intel Haswell (from Core i3 to Core i7) inside, plus a 13-inch touch screen with an amazing resolution of 2560×1440 pixels, enhanced battery life and a base price of no less than $ 1,400.

For its part, the new Aspire S3 if somewhat more detailed performance, offering a 13-inch touch screen with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, a NVIDIA GT7365M and up to 1TB of hard drive storage, for a base price of $ 999. Both computers have Windows 8 operating system will hit the market next July.

These have been the best and most attractive for your computing devices that have been taken in the first day of Computex 2013. Apart from them, have been announced endless computer components from new disk storage units solid to mice for gamers.