RayMing is manufacturer of Led PCB, We do not sell Led Lamp, but strongly support LED industry, and we do much research on how to control heat conduction and how to improve led lumen. If you are manufacturer of Led and want to produce some special Led like Outdoor Led screen, Welcome and Contact Us, RayMing will give you the perfect solution for your products.

The LED industry utilizes innovation in technology opening a variety of new products that didn’t exist just a few years back; technology that is managed by LED printed circuit boards. The majority of LED PCB’s which RayMing produce include some form of Aluminum PCB’s.

The advent has caused disruptive modification in the traditional lighting industry. The efficiency gained in LED technology can’t be ignored and we will continue to propel longer life, lower cost, and endless creativity.

Amitron has been producing PCB’s for LED since 2000, ahead of most competition. With this head start, we can assist with design and helped many companies gain a significant lead over their competition.

Printed circuit boards are often used for the lower circuit in a membrane switch because they provide structural display windows with LED indicators. These can be easily integrated into the PCB membrane switch design, but there are few choices to choose when it comes to deciding which type of LED to use.

Single Point and Block LED’s

Single Point and Block LED’s are the most versatile. They function well with nearly all type of material surface finishes. Just keep in mind that for greater light diffusion, it is better to use a matte or textured surface. It is also important to remember that while LED’s cannot come through a tactile switch’s active area. They can be graphically manipulated to appear as though they are part of the switch.

Integral or Surface Mounted, Single Point LED’s

Integral or Surface Mounted, Single Point LED’s may be mounted on the bottom layer lower circuit. A vast range of colors is available for this type of LED’s, including bi-color. It is simple enough to permit for termination from the same connector tail as the switches themselves if you emboss the graphic layer to accommodate the LED’s. Just keep in mind that you have not need to emboss the graphic of you provide the LED termination on a separate tail.

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