Macally is a company that is developing products and accessories with great reviews by the users, where these very attractive addition to a simplicity that characterizes the American company. Macally offers products for both daily life and businesses and offices, from helmets and headsets for everyone to mice, keyboards and gaming devices, as well as covers for nearly every device that you can imagine, including the Apple iPad .

Referring to an accessory for the iPad is what we will discuss now, and more specifically on a keyboard that will be introduced next July and will offer the ability to connect to our fourth generation iPad or iPad Mini also thanks Lightning your new cable.

This full-size keyboard Lightning normal like anyone can use in our home desktops, including the numbers on the top of the letters, not the right like other keyboards used for more intensive use of figures. At the very top we can see keys that will save us time multimedia use our iPad when playing songs, passing tracks or choose the ones you like.

Macally 1

The keyboard cable Lightning has a 2.75 meters long for separating from our iPad and making it more comfortable position that we can afford, and includes four rubber feet for proper grip on smooth surfaces such as glass or a table wood. We also have available in this package a folding brackets Lightning keyboard to place the iPad vertically without any problem.

Macally 2

With this new keyboard Lightning, Macally guys want to end the problems in connecting our iPad via Bluetooth and in different businesses, offices or on planes were not allowed to use this technology thus connecting fast through the keyboard connector Lightning will be available next July for € 60 or so.